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A message from the owner:

On our home page you see the phrase, “built on a sturdy foundation,” because that’s exactly what A-Z Septics is. My father built a solid business using the Zinsmeister name and has proudly served the areas around his hometown of Mico, TX for 30+ years in the septic system and construction industry, and continues to do so. I have worked under his direction for 16 years, both full-time as well as part-time while serving my community as a Paramedic, before deciding to carry on the family trade and start A-Z Septics.

So, we are indeed built on a sturdy foundation of success and I am proud to serve the counties of Medina, Bandera, Kerr, Kendall, Gillespie, and Bexar with A-Z Septics for all of your OSSF needs and more.

-- Andrew Zinsmeister

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